One World Telecommunications
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Why Use OWT?

After reviewing our lengthy list of features and services we're confident that you will agree that we are the most full-featured Internet Service Provider in the Tri-Cities and an excellent value.


OWT was the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the Tri-Cities and is still the best! Since 1994 we have been offering the highest possible quality service and our experience is second to none.


OWT was the first to offer digital services in the Tri-Cities and has continually reinvested to ensure the highest quality. Over a dozen different servers to provide high reliability and our high-tech telecommunications room keeps everything running cool for maximum reliability. Our systems are monitored by on-call staff 24 hours a day year round.

Technical Support

Our quality technical support is available 8AM to 7PM Monday thru Friday. We have plenty of phone lines and technicians to handle your questions and have after hours voice mail as well as extensive online support to assist you when we can't. Our technicians have extensive Windows and Macintosh experience.

Spam/Virus Filter Spending most of your time deleting unwanted spam or virus warnings? With OWT that task is dramatically reduced with our powerful and flexible spam and virus filtering system.
Web-based Email Available Whether you are traveling or at home or work you will appreciate our powerful and easy-to-use web mail system. Your Email from any web browser with no configuration necessary!

Online Assistance

OWT offers extensive online support and training.

  • Online support and troubleshooting documents are available.
  • Technical support mailing list where our techs and our users help each other out
  • Our Internet Guides will help those just learning the Internet understand the basic concepts and easily find out what they need to know about the net.
  • Our Internet Knowledge Base contains answers to our most frequently asked questions as well as tips from our experts.

More Services

OWT knows what you want and provides more services than anyone.

  • Fiber Optic wide-area networking and Internet access
  • T-1s, MPLS and point-to-point connectivity
  • 56K Dial-up and ISDN 
  • Wireless services in selected areas
  • Powerful Email services without so many restrictive limitations
  • Additional Email accounts.
  • Free personal web page
  • Superb commercial web site support with all the latest technologies at very competitive prices. From databases to secure online commerce we do it all!
  • Corporate Email services.
  • Virtual domain services.
  • Virtual FTP services.
  • Spam (unsolicited Email) filtering.

Hardware & Software Solutions

OWT stocks and sells very little in the way of hardware but you can trust our recommendations since we aren't making any profit from it.  Benefit from our experience. 

Free Installation

Don't want to deal with installing Internet software? We'll do it for you - just bring us your computer (just the CPU) and our experienced technicians will install and configure everything.d

Referral Program

Get your friends and family connected to OWT and get free service!

Locally Owned & Operated

In this day and age of consolidation we are one of the very few truly locally owned Internet companies servicing the Tri-Cities. Support your community - buy local!


OWT uses the latest technologies - OWT continues to stay on top of new technologies and can help you leverage this technology. 


All this with low cost and flexible pricing programs. We offer monthly, quarterly and annual payment plans with a program for any budget.

We could go on but you get the message - OWT is simply the best value for Internet services. If this isn't enough, ask around - our average customer has been with us for years!