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Welcome to the On-Line edition of the Rose Herald!


Our October 22nd meeting will be our annual Pot Luck dinner at the PUD in Kennewick; this is our end-of-the-season celebration. Since it is a pot luck, please bring a main dish, a salad or a dessert to share. We usually have about 20 folks at this meeting, so plan accordingly.

• The October TCRS meeting will be a potluck dinner. The doors open at 6pm with the meal starting at 6:30pm. Please make sure you let Jolene Angelos know what you are going to bring so she can coordinate the potluck. You can contact Jolene Angelos at 586-0587 or 308-1392.

• The room setup for the potluck dinner will take place at 1pm on Monday, Oct 22nd. If you can help with the setup, please contact Jolene Angelos at 586-0587 or 308-1392.

In summer we visit public and individual gardens. We are a nonprofit, educational society affiliated with the American Rose Society.

Visitors are always welcome! Yearly dues are $17/person or $22/family.
Go to page 3 of the 2018 March Rose Herald (link below) for information on where to send your check.


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