The "rules" are found in the USSA Alpine Competition Guide and the ICR (International Competition Rules). The ICR is published by the FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski) and is also known as the FIS rule book, or "blue book" due to the color of its cover. Regional governing bodies, PNSA and OISRA,  have rules and the particular articles relevant a region.

The FIS International Competition Rules (ICR)     The Federation Internationale de Ski, known as The FIS (pronounced "fiss"), is the world body of ski racing. It establishes the standards that all National Governing Bodies conform to. Only accredited national organizations can send teams to World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic Competition. The rules of Alpine Competition, also known as the blue book, is published by the FIS. FIS rules form the basis of all alpine ski competitions sanctioned by a national body. No national, State, Region, Division, etc. may supercede the ICR. The ICR is the Bible. 

USSA Alpine Officials Manual 2014 - 2015

The United States Ski & Snowboard Association, known as USSA (pronounced "you-ess-ess-ay"), is the National Governing Body of Skiing within the United States of America . USSA establishes the standards that all regions and states conform to. USSA sponsors the US Ski and Snowboarding Team, and World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic Competitions, in conjunction with the USOC and the IOC, held in this country. The USSA publishes its own rules, maintained in conformance with the FIS rules, with notable differences being published in the Competition

  Pacific Northwest Ski Association (PNSA) 

PNSA, as a division of USSA, provides rules dealing with USSA divisional concerns on inter-club competion and selection procedures to higher level races. 

Oregon Interscholastic Ski/Snowboard Racing Association (OISRA)

OISRA operates independently of USSA and provides its own rules which are similar but not exactly the same as USSA and FIS. 

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