Seltech Electronic Manufacturers Representative Inc.
Nuclear Instrumentation

For 40 years we have served the customers that have requirements in the measurement and safety of radioactive material.   Clyde Makinson in Richland Washington has been working in the nuclear industry since 1970 with experience in the industrial radioactive monitoring, environmental and health physics. ( phone 509-943-5288 or 888-633-2340; 
Ludlum Measurements, Inc.

detection and measurements of alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron radiation including Geiger Mueller, gas proportional, and scintillation detectors, and survey meters, Geiger counters, micro meters, pocket meters, proportional counters, portal monitors, laundry monitors, air monitors, floor monitors, single channel analyzers, scalars, and alarm ratemeters

Ludlum Medical Physics            


Protean Instrument is a leading manufacturer of ultrahigh performance counting systems for measuring alpha/beta activity at very low environmental levels.



 Lab Impex Systems   Alpha/Beta in air Monitor, iodine air monitors, noble gas monitors, Liquid Effluent Monitor,Alpha Spectrometry Aerosol Monitoring and Laboratory Bench Counters